Kick Start to Clean-ER Eating

4 sessions

28 day Jump start to clean up your diet. learn to shop, eat and drink cleaner without feeling deprived.

Nourish and De-stress

6 sessions

Learn how stress affects the body, and that how we eat affects us as much as what we eat. Learn quick ways to de-stress so that the body is receiving optimal nourishment.

Clean-ER Eating 2.0

6 sessions

Continuation of the kick start...with more in depth ways to enjoy a cleaner lifestyle without feeling deprived.

Body and Money Legacy

6 sessions

Learn how your relationship with your body can mirror your relationship with money, and how the two can become balanced and healthy.

90 Day Total Transformation

12 sessions

An intense total mind and body transformation focusing on ultimate habit and lifestyle changes, helping you become your BEST SELF!


$75/Session    *Note: This is NOT a diet, but a way to learn what foods work best for your body.